Being purpose built, the cattery can give your puss a happy, comfortable and pleasurable stay, with all their needs catered for.

The cattery is built with timber throughout, to provide a natural environment, and each individual pen is insulated.

Each pen has an exercise area, with toys to stimulate and occupy your cat; and being south facing, there are places to bask in the sunshine ( weather depending ! ); and a cosy corner to snuggle into.

Access to an outer area, for further exploration, extra stimulation and more sun bathing, can also be provided, depending on number of cats boarding.

I do not allow cats to socialise, so they have their own space.

Two meals a day are provided and special dietary requirements can be catered for, where possible.

As there is limited space and demand is great, if you want to place your cat here, you need to book early.

I do a lot of  fostering of stray cats for the New Ross SPCA., prior to re-homing. Pics of some can be viewed on this page.

If you are interested in giving a home to a needy puss, please phone Ann Roche on: 089 4161367.


For further information email pause4paws


Dog Kennels

The kennels have been purpose built to give your dog a pleasing and comfortable stay.

Each pen is fully insulated, with roomy accommodation, and a large outer area.

Heating is available if required.

Your dog will have a minimum of 3 daily supervised walks down a quiet country lane, and also has all day access to fenced off green areas to sniff around and socialise with other dogs, if possible!!

(Canine socialisation is encouraged and prefered).

However, there are secure field areas for dogs that are not happy to socialise.

Two meals a day are provided and special dietary requirements can be catered for, where possible.


Bed and bedding are supplied but we advise, for the comfort of your dog, that you bring its usual bedding and any toys it is fond of.


If you have the time, or the opportunity, bring your dog for a visit to get to know us. Viewings are welcome, but it would be advisable to phone beforehand to arrange an appointment.


For the safety of your dog and other clients we do insist that dogs have had regular vaccinations, including kennel cough. Certificates are required.